Madeline Sloane is a contemporary romance writer, living in the highlands of Pennsylvania with her husband, Joshua. Her novels incorporate her passion for travel, sailing, history and archaeology. Most of her characters hail from Eaton, an imaginary locale in Pennsylvania she invented, but not all: some stories feature exciting and exotic cities the heroes (and their lovers) visit during the course of their romantic journey.


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Latest Release: INCANDESCENT

Anna Johnson is tormented with guilt after her best friend is injured in a house fire the night of her birthday party. Then her father’s car catches fire at a traffic light. Were the blazes accidental or, as Anna believes, were they set on purpose? Is there an arsonist loose in the quiet town of Eaton? State Fire Inspector Aaron Tahir, an arrogant and overbearing man with a dark past, wants answers. That is, until he discovers he wants something more tangible ~ Anna. Sparks fly from their first meeting and it isn’t long before they’re afire.

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What Readers Say

West Wind is is a lovely well developed story with beautiful characters. My only criticism would be that I felt the relationship between Sabrina and Jay happened incredibly fast with Sabrina completely trusting this strange man who she had only just met. Apart from that minor detail this book has an intriguing storyline, plenty of romance, just enough juicy bedroom scenes to keep the reader racing to the next page and a FANTASTIC twist at the end which I didn’t see coming. Ending came a little too soon but I guess that’s what keeps a reader coming back for more.
Lisa, Amazon
I have been a fan of this author’s Women of Eaton trilogy, which are fantastic fast reads, filled with real, well written characters, and scorching hot sexy romances. This spinoff series, Secrets of a Eaton, seems to be taking a new direction of mystery romance. The previous book one, Consequences, was a gorgeous second chance romance with mature characters, with a murder mystery as a secondary story line. I loved it!
Rebecca, Amazon
Take a break from formulaic romance stories and fall in love with a modern, sexy man who isn’t burdened down with the stereotypical macho crap. I love my alphas, but there is no way that most of us could live with one in real life. Stephen Spence leads an idyllic life. A renowned artist, he is wealthy enough to spend his days sailing, painting, spending time with friends, or just lazing about. Enter Erin Andersen, whose mission is to get Spence to finish a book about his art that he has committed to writing. Ms. Sloane does a great job creating realistic, witty characters.
Connie, Amazon

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