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Hello! I’m Madeline Sloane. I write contemporary romance novels and my bestselling novel DISTRACTED has more than 74,000 satisfied readers,*  and my novel WEST WIND has entertained more than a million!

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Where Should I Send My FREE Starter Library?

Eaton Daily News

The Eaton Daily News is a free extension of my novels, set in the fictional town of Eaton, Pennsylvania. It contains engagment, wedding and baby announcements, breaking news and events, crime logs, lifestyle features, recipes, travel stories and even sports. Of course, these articles focus on the characters in my books, and serve to introduce you to secondary characters, places and events.

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Madeline Sloane
Madeline SloaneContemporary Romance Writer
Contemporary romance writer Madeline Sloane lives in the highlands of Northcentral Pennsylvania, along a peaceful river, with her husband. She is a full-time writer and part-time college instructor.

She and her husband enjoy traveling to the U.K. and Europe, and spend much of their time abroad in ruins, castles, cathedrals and museums. She particularly enjoys crypts with mummies, musty libraries and authentic pubs. In the U.S., they bounce along the East Coast, traveling from New York to Florida to visit family and friends.

Madeline’s books include elements of her passions: travel, boating, history and archaeology. The characters are generally from idyllic Eaton, a fictitious town in Pennsylvania she has invented, although most of her books also feature exciting and exotic cities the heroines (and their lovers) visit during the course of their romantic journey.

Readers Rave!

I was first drawn to the third book in this series ‘West Wind’, which was free. I thoroughly enjoyed it, enough to buy all the other books in the series. East of Eaton was a great read. I am absolutely exhausted, because I was up past 2 a.m. reading this story, which is an absolute page turner, and I’ve been sneaking reads all day in between jobs – it’s really hard to put down. The story is very real, the characters are well developed and lovable, the sensuality and sexual tension between the two leads is HOT!!
Take a break from formulaic romance stories and fall in love with a modern, sexy man who isn’t burdened down with the stereotypical macho crap. DISTRACTED is the perfect name for this book, as Spence helps Erin learn to live life in a more meaningful way –without deadlines. Ms. Sloane does a great job creating realistic, witty characters. The story is fresh, the settings are unique and I feel like I need to sign up for sailing lessons or at least look for a hot man with a catamaran! We should all get a chance to be distracted like this.
This is an incredible story that is so very well written! I started reading it and the story grabbed my attention and kept it throughout the entire book!!!! Any book written by Madeline would be an excellent read!!!! :) :D